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Protocol Ed2K

ed2K may be defined as a type of hyperlink. The prime function of these hyperlinks is to connect to the files which are stored in another network. This other network is the eDonkey P2P network. The various programs which may be involving the use of the eDonkey file sharing protocol may help manage the files. These files are generally available in the file sharing network. The examples of such programs include eMule, eDonkey000, Hybrid and MLDonkey.

With the support of ed2K, the files may be identified. After their identification in the browser, these files may then be transferred to the various compatible softwares. Similar to the various other URI protocols, configuration of different web browsers can be done in order to ensure the handling of ed2k URIs.

The links of ed2k are nothing but the value of the total number of files that are shared over the network called eDonkey2000. These links generally indicate the total files that are available on the P2P networks. However, through these links, the actual location of the file may not be indicated. This indicates that in case of absence of any valid files being available, these links can also be dead which means that the files may not be having appropriate sources available. The mandates in order to open an ed2K link which is a compatible P2P client should be made available in the form of eDonkey, eMule, etc.